Pebble smartwatch firmwares with fonts and mods

08.07.2015 Pre-build 3.1 firmwares

Unfortunately I'm not able to add proper 3.1 before my vacation, sorry :(

As a temporary solution, there are links to pre-build firmwares by Semyon Maryasin

Latin-based and Cyrillic-based languages: Pebble-snowy_dvt-3.1-LaCyr-StringFix.pbz
Latin-based, Greek and Hebrew: Pebble-snowy_dvt-3.1-LaGrHb-StringFix.pbz
Latin-based, Vietnamese and Thai: Pebble-snowy_dvt-3.1-LaViTh-StringFix.pbz

Latin-based charsets included are Symbols, English, Emoji+, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch,
Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian,
Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Cyrillic-based are Belarusian, Kazakh, Macedonian, Russian, Ukrainian.

All firmwares also contanins Semen's patch for unicode bug in pebble firmware
(Pebble "cuts" unicode string in the "middle" of multi-byte character and doesn't display
broken string after that. This patch strips broken character and pebble displays
long contact names, music metadata, notifications, etc)

PS: I'll try to add proper Pebble Time support in early August

19.06.2015 No caller id bug

Fixed "no caller id" bug, thanks to Semyon Maryasin for the patch.

20.03.2015 2.9.1 release

Updated to latest 2.9.1 release, no other changes.

18.02.2015 No call notification bugfix

Fixed a bug which breaks incoming call notification for Italian, Greek and probably other interface transations.

14.02.2015 Firmware 2.9 released

Latest firmware supported and re-introduced notification patches: large fonts and longer timeout for auto hiding.
QuickLaunch and music volume/switch tracks buttons remapping also supported.
There is some bug with Italian interface translation - no incoming call notification, I'll try to fix it later, sorry.
Support for 2.8 and older firmwares disabled.

22.01.2015 2.9 beta6 and beta7 supported

Support for 2.9 beta6 and beta7 added

17.12.2014 Initial 2.9 beta5 support

Initial 2.9 beta5 support, only music patch works for now

PS: 2.8.1 version selected by default

10.12.2014 2.8.1 firmware supported

New firmware supported, all patches from 2.8 works with 2.8.1 too

23.11.2014 2.8 firmware supported

Long time unsupported patches removed.
Interface translation temporary disabled, sorry. I'll try to enable it soon.

Update: 25.11.2014 Interface translation enabled again.
Update: 26.11.2014 Translation bug fixed, Gentle Wake (and other alarm apps) works again.

21.10.2014 Initial 2.7 support

Support for 2.7 firmware added, with CallerID, music app and large font patches.

Update: 02.11.2014 BackLaunchBank14 patch supported.

01.10.2014 Initial 2.6 support

You can build 2.6 firmware with fonts, but only CallerID, music app and large font patches supported.

Update: 02.10.2014 Application disabling and BackLaunchBank14 patches supported.
Update: 07.10.2014 Translation partially fixed (new phrases will be in english), disabled BackLaunchBank14 support.
Update: 13.10.2014 Translations refresh and re-enabling BackLaunchBank14 support, thanks to Semen @Maryasin.

24.09.2014 Experimental support for 2.5 firmware

You can build 2.5 firmware with fonts but only CallerID patches supported
Pre-2.5 emoji support disabled, sorry.

Update: 26.09.2014 Application disabling, statusbar and music app patches supported.
Update: 27.09.2014 BackLaunchBank14 supported.

13.08.2014 New firmware released

Replaced 2.4 firmware with 2.4.1 one
Almost all patches supported! (BackLaunchBank14 not working yet)
Update: 22.08.2014 Experimental BackLaunchBank14 support added

12.08.2014 New firmware released

New 2.4 firmware support
Emoji, QuickLauncer, Backlight, Music and Status bar patches are not supported yet

16.07.2014 Music app patch added

This patch changes buttons layout of stock Music app.
Short press on up/down buttons will change volume, and long press will switch tracks.
Works only with latest 2.3 firmware

01.07.2014 New firmware released

New 2.3 firmware support
Not supported yet: applications disabling and statusbar patches.
Interface translations refreshed and new ones added: Bulgarian, Catalan, Finnish, Serbian and Slovenian.

Update: Applications disabling works now

Update: All patches supported!

11.06.2014 CallerID support

It seems CallerID still doesn't work in all cases, re-enable our patch.

05.06.2014 New firmware released

Initial support for 2.2 firmware
Not supported yet: applications disabling, quick launcher patches, backlight time and disabling of notifications autohiding.
CallerID patch is not needed now! (wow, pebble actually fixed "????" bug!)

PS: Also roboto font removed, gothic font has more glyphs and looks better.

22.05.2014 Battery patch replaced with new statusbar patch

Statusbar patch: always display battery level icon and bluetooth connection status icon.
Bluetooth icon displayed inverted if bluetooth is not connected.

14.05.2014 Update: All patches works again!

Thanks to Semen Maryasin for updated patches

08.05.2014 Patches update

07.05.2014 Initial 2.1 firmware support.

You can build 2.1 firmware with fonts and caller id fix, but all other patches is not supported yet.

16.04.2014, Initial emoji support.

There is two sets:

Note: 2.0.x firmwares only!

13.04.2014, New patches and new languages.

New patches:

New languages: Belarusian, Dutch, Estonian, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Thai and Vietnamese.
Note: no right-to-left support for Hebrew.

21.02.2014, Minor update to the Pebble firmware.

All patches (CallerID2, BackLaunch) seems to work.

13.02.2014, Patch release: CallerID and Launcher patches

This is a patch to fix iOS CallerID bug ("??????").
It works by fixing HandsFreeProtocol initialization procedure asking iPhone to send us data in UTF-8 charset instead of default 7bit.

BackLaunchBank1, DoubleBackLaunchBank1 and BackLaunchBank14:
With these patches you could use pebble buttons from any watchface to quick launch first (or first four) installed app.
You may choose which app is installed in which bank by uninstalling and reinstalling apps in desired order.
This is greatly simplified since 2.0 app with Locker.

Patches provided by Semen Maryasin, thanks!

3.02.2014, The long-awaited 2.0.0 release has finally arrived!

Half an hour later, it's avalable on PebbleBits :)

Do not forget to read official release notes.

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